Naked Miley Cyrus Strikes Again in Another Music Video

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Naked Alien Miley Cyrus cozies up to rapper Future on set of his new music video “Real and True.” At this point, does she even own clothes anymore? We won’t get to see if she’s riding any demolition equipment like in “Wrecking Ball,” all we have to go on are these photos from the set. Here are some of our other favorite celebrity stories for the day.

Looks like Owen Wilson has found a new meaning of Wedding Crashers. The actor is having a baby with 41-year-old personal trainer Caroline Lindqvist. Did we mention she was married to someone else until May, when she conceived this bundle of joy? Yeah.

We’re not really sure we want to know what Kim and Kanye did post KK’s super sexy selfie on Twitter via Instagram, but I think we all have some clue.

kim k

Fran Drescher, you’ve got mail! The Nanny star is dating Shiva Ayyadurai, the 49-year-old inventor of email.

Ivanka Trump delivered a son, Joseph Frederick Kushner, on Sunday night. Our fingers are crossed his hair grows in better than his granddad’s.

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Sean Lowe and girlfriend Catherine Giudici set to be the first live wedding in 17 years of The Bachelor, even though they are currently dating long distance. With these odds, what could go wrong?

James Franco helps depressed teen get back at her ex with a PDA photo. Memo to self: act depressed until James Franco calls.

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