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Dudes Named Wayne, Liam, and Ryan are Totally Going to Cheat on You

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Sorry to break it to you, partners of people named Wayne, Liam, and Ryan, but according to the relationship experts at U.K.-based domain-naming site Siteopia, your dude is definitely cheating on you. This is very upsetting news. Wayne, Liam, and Ryan, please stop cheating.

Apparently, the Siteopia team surveyed 2,000 British ladies about their romantic experiences. And while no name is a safe name — men, amirite? — Waynes topped the list of untrustworthy “love rats.” Liams and Ryans are also up to no good, and Matts, Craigs, Steves, Scotts, and Deans are also suspect. Again, Siteopia specializes in registering people’s websites and not analyzing their relationships, so, you know, maybe take this with a grain of salt? Or don’t — as the Daily Mail points out, Wayne Rooney, Liam Gallagher, and Ryan Giggs have all cheated. Think about that.

Although the company maintains that “names have great power,” they do acknowledge there is some possibility  that “it’s a person’s actions they should be judged on, not the name they go by.” There’s hope for you yet, Wayne.