Good News, Gentlemen! Women Care About Your Attitude More Than Your Abs

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Sexy body of nude man

Victoria Milan, “discreet social network for extramarital affairs,” just surveyed 2,500 female members about what initially attract them to dudes. And while the existence of Victoria Milan, discreet social network for extramarital affairs, isn’t particularly encouraging, the results of the survey are. Almost half of women say that the first thing about a guy that catches their eye is “the attitude.” What kind of attitude, the press release didn’t say, but whatever it is, it’s way more important than a guy’s body, his style, or his personality.

And if women seeking extramarital affairs on Victoria Milan say attitude is the most important thing, just imagine how important attitude is to women looking for primary partners. So important! Get out of the gym, gentlemen, and get thee to the Barnes & Noble self-help section. Or maybe to Rent-A-Swag? I don’t know.

That said, if you are going to bank on your bod — and let’s face it, attitude isn’t for everyone — might the ladies of Victoria Milan recommend you focus on your shoulders? Because shoulders, according to the survey results, are a guy’s second-sexiest body part (the first is eyes, and you can’t exercise those). Butts are important too, as are lips and hip bones. Biceps, though? Don’t even worry about ’em — Victoria Milan says no one cares.