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Watch the ‘Kroll Show’ Hilariously Spoof ‘Cheaters,’ TV’s Biggest Train Wreck

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Cheaters, the Real TV hidden-camera show that catches unsuspecting people in adulterous situations, is arguably one of the biggest train wrecks on television. Each episode, more predictable than Chris Christie at an all-you-can-eat buffet, ends with a two-lady screaming match over a dude who looks like a low-rent version of Larry the Cable Guy.

Nick Kroll did his own rendition of Cheaters last night while playing Bobby Bottleservice, one of more than a dozen characters he plays on his Comedy Central sketch-style Kroll Show. Cheatin’ starts out with Bobby trying to help “very much wronged woman” Carrie Stitz discover if her husband is sleeping around. But after Bobby finds the double-crossing bro on a date with another woman, he becomes more interested in learning how to smoothly manage multiple ladies than bringing justice to a scorned ladyfriend.

Watch the hilarious sketch here.