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5 Things Kanye West Should Remember When He Hears ‘I Hit It First’

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Ray J – best known for being the brother of Brandy and the sex tape partner of Kim Kardashian – just released a single called “I Hit It First.” Though he claims the song isn’t about Kim, it’s hard not to hear the track as a dis of Kim’s current boyfriend, Kanye West. If we were Kanye, here’s what we’d think every time that song came on the radio.

1. Any idiot can make a one-off song, but a real artist has a music career.
A corollary: any guy can hook up with a woman, but a real man knows how to be in a committed long-term relationship.

2. Everyone makes mistakes.
When you live in the public eye, your mistakes are a little louder than everyone else. But considering that one of Kanye’s exes could have just as easily done this, he could stand to be sympathetic.

3. Sometimes you have to experience the bad to appreciate the good.
If Kim hadn’t had some bad relationships in her past, she might not have been receptive to a guy who wanted her for her. Sometimes it takes a really bad relationship to make you cherish a more mature one.

4. Hard times (and bad headlines) can only make you stronger.
Having an “us against the world” mentality can help a couple deal with some majorly bad PR – while also connecting them more as a team.

5. “It’s not harder to be better than this.”
Take that as your mantra, Kanye. No matter what you do, it will be pretty difficult to be less of a screwup/has been than Ray J. That single will disappear from the world even faster than a Real Housewife “song.”