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Apparently, You CAN Put a Price Tag on Herpes: $900,000

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My mama always told me you can’t put a price on genital herpes, but apparently you can. And it’s $900,000. That’s how much a 49-year-old woman in Oregon was awarded for her pain and suffering after having sex with her 69-year-old eHarmony date. She says she asked him to wear a condom and he agreed, but then suddenly, like magic, he wasn’t wearing one. Laying together after the deed had been done, he admitted he had herpes. She could not have been too surprised when soon after, she broke out in herpes, too. She reacted poorly to the meds and that’s where the pain and suffering comes in.

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A four-day trial ensued, where the man’s attorney said it was the woman’s fault and that she probably got herpes from someone else because she is kind of slutty. The jury didn’t buy it and found the man mostly at fault, awarding the ginormous sum of almost-a-million dollars to the woman. I don’t want genital herpes or anything, but a millimeter my brain is thinking about that number and wondering “is it worth it?” I’M KIDDING I’M KIDDING! But really, the answer is no. It is not worth it.

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But you go, girl. Though it’s unusual to sue someone for this kind of thing, maybe more women (and men) should. What do you think?


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