Dating This City, Chapter 1: …And So It Begins

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Introducing our intrepid date-reporter, Lucinda, who volunteered (or was coerced, depending on who you ask) to go on 10 HowAboutWe dates…and write about each one. Take it away, Lucinda!

After spending a good deal of time searching event calendars and posting some of my own date ideas on HowAboutWe (as well as responding to countless activities that others posted) I finally got a bite on my line. Luckily, my first story to tell of love and internet dating is a good one.

Date 1: $3 Lychee Martinis at China 1

The date in question was proposed by me. I love Lychee martinis and with a price tag like that you can’t not afford to go. A couple of days after posting it, John* (not his real name) sent me a message and we started a witty ping pong banter revolving around our drinking habits.

I was surprised at how long it took for us to finally make a ‘date’ of it. Problem number one of Internet dating – some people won’t take risks. They want to know everything about you before you meet. That takes all the fun out of it. The best part of dating in New York is the mystery and the idea that anything can happen, love can find you anywhere. Just something to keep in mind.

Finally, we met, we drank, we laughed. He confessed that I was his third HowAboutWe date. I confessed he was my first. The bar itself was a cute Asian themed ‘cafe’ with delicious drinks and snacks. Getting there early (7pm on a Wednesday) was key. We were able to snag a booth for a little more comfort and privacy.

The funniest part about this bar and/or the fact that it was a first date was the fact that there was a speed dating event going on at the bar while we were there. I think we were the only two people there not involved in the event. We joked that we should have jumped in the game just for fun, since we were there and all.

We closed out our tab at China 1 and then went in search of more beverages; one more cocktail and a visit to Crif Dogs completed the night. As we walked hand in hand towards the northbound 6 train, the clock having just struck midnight, I kept thinking someone would have to turn into a pumpkin. This first date was too good to be true. I’ve been on a lot of bad dates in this city, and it was truly refreshing to have a good one that was fun and stress free. John had set the bar really high not only for himself but for the rest of this project.

The Follow-Up:

John and I made plans to see each other again after he returned from a business trip. He canceled the day of our plans and I never heard from him again. Maybe he turned into a frog.

Lucinda is a self-proclaimed dating expert and native New Yorker. To read more about her dating mishaps visit