A Bracelet That Lets You Tap Your Partner from Miles Away

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Sometimes you feel shitty. Sometimes you feel most shitty at times when you can’t pull out your phone and get encouragement from your significant other. There is now a bracelet that will fix this problem. The TapTap vibrating wristband allows you to communicate with your partner in a nonverbal way by reflecting taps from your bracelet to your partner’s. The TapTap wristband, then, allows nonverbal communication — not present in texting or calling — which makes up anywhere between 55 percent and 93 percent of our daily interactions.

The novelty in this Kickstarter project is that each wristband vibrates the exact pattern that’s been tapped into its twin however far away. In other words, you and your partner can use Morse code to tell each other “I love you” or “Please never leave the toilet seat up again.” Either way.

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