A Gmail Feature That Could Change Your Life (If It Existed)

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flirtingMy friend wanted to know whether or not she should text a guy tonight. Before I could give an informed opinion, it was necessary for me to read some backstory, in the form of  longish, flirty email chain, which she forwarded to me. The chain arrived in my inbox, garbled, weirdly formatted, and, of course, with the most recent email on top. “Start from the bottom,” she wrote.

Forwarding email exchanges has become such a normal part of dating that I don’t think I have a single email correspondence in my inbox with a romantic partner that hasn’t been polluted with multiple “FWDs” to multiple friends, soliciting multiple interpretations. And I always write (somewhat unnecessarily at this point,) “Start from the bottom,” forcing my friends to pick through complicated gradients of indentation in order to follow the conversation in the order that it happened.

But given the prevalence of forwarding entire conversations, wouldn’t it be so great if you could click a button and forward an email chain to someone so that the emails appear in the order they were written/received? A button that basically says, Yes, I am sending an entire conversation for analysis, please arrange these emails in chronological order.

So that people wouldn’t have to start from the bottom anymore, they could just….scroll.

Yes? Genius idea? Larry Page, are you listening?

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