Cronut Proposals. (Yes, Plural.)

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cronutCronuts have been a thing for like, five minutes, but apparently people have already started using the world’s trendiest pastry to propose marriage to one another.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

“…There was the man who wanted to present his fiancée an engagement ring inside a cronut. Unfortunately, they’d sold out by the time he reached the front of the line. ‘He came back the next day,’ Mr. Ansel marveled. ‘He was first in line. He delayed his proposal because he wanted to get a cronut.'”

And according to a post on GrubStreet: “A representative for the bakery tells us there have been ‘a few’ people proposing marriage via the old diamond-ring-inside-cronut trick.”

A few, meaning, more than one person has decided that a glorified donut is the best way to pledge his or her life to someone else. (Though, if marriage means commitment and patience, then what better display of it than waking up at the crack of dawn and standing on Spring Street for a few hours in order to purchase a pastry.)