GChatting With Boys: Naked Pictures

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me:  how many girls have sent you naked pictures
Chris:  oh
i don’t know, maybe a dozen?
me:  do you keep them?
a dozen seems like a lot
Chris:  i don’t save them anywhere, but i don’t delete them
so i guess the text ones i don’t save, but the email ones i could technically look up
 me:  but you never do?
 Sent at 4:04 PM on Tuesday
me:  ???
 Sent at 4:10 PM on Tuesday
me:  ????????
Chris:  sorry sorry, had to sit in on a meeting
i have occasionally, sure
me:  of people who would be horrified to know that you just looked at an old naked picture of them?
me:  like, do you have any that are six or seven years old
Chris:  no idea
if they’d be horrified
but i doubt it
these aren’t exes
me:  I guess if you send it you just have to be okay with the person keeping it in his reference library
wait who are they??
Chris:  they’re mostly people with whom the relationship was primarily sexual
so i’ve never felt an obligation to like go out of my way to delete anything just because i haven’t seen them in however long
me:  no ex girlfriends
Chris:  ha, not any more than six years because i only lost my virginity six years ago
one ex-girlfriend
but lord i don’t remember the last time i saw those pics
me:  can i publish this under a fake name
like a fake name for you
Chris:  of course