Genius New App Lets You Reply To Uncomfortable Sexts With Memes

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Are you a teenager who’s getting pressured into sexting? Are you a grown-ass adult who’s getting dick pics from that dude you met in a bar and really shouldn’t have given your number to? New app Zipit is here to help: it was developed by British charity Childline to help teens “get flirty chat back on the right track,” featuring a gallery of image macros with text like “AWKWARD” and “DON’T BE WEIRD” for users to deploy in response to unwanted advances.

For those who spend too much time on the Internet, this is hilarious and sort of brilliant. You don’t need to be a teenager or have the app to do it, though. Our personal comeback suggestions for the next time your ex asks you for nudes six months post-breakup? This Shiba Inu shutting it down or the classic, concise Nopetopus. Or if you’re too lazy to save and send an image, the poop emoji should get your point across just as well.