It Takes 224 Tweets, 70 Facebook Messages, and 30 Phone Calls For a Couple to Fall In Love

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Unsurprisingly, twitter and text messaging have surpassed the telephone as the most common way for burgeoning couples to communicate. A new study shows just exactly how these advances have changed how couples fall in love — and how fast.


According to the research, while Twitter is an increasingly popular way for couples to flirt, it’s not the most efficient way to really cement a relationship. It takes 224 tweets — at 140 characters per tweet, that’s roughly 39 pages, the size of a novella — in order for a couple to fall in love. Compare that to 37 emails and just 30 phone calls (of, one assumes, varying lengths).

Couples 55 and older (who were dating in the 70s and 80s) said it took about two and a half months to fall in love using old-school communication. Contemporary couples are clocking in at around 24 days (of nonstop tweeting?).

Next time you send someone a flirty DM, maybe keep track of how many it takes until you’re official?

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