Man Woos the Ladies of London with Giant Hand-Held Sign and It Actually Works

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hot brunette wanted

A London-area man took to the streets this week to find his ladylove, and in the great tradition of romantics everywhere he did it with a poster board.

According to the Standard, 39-year-old Gerald Abrahams planted himself in front of local landmarks with his hand-scrawled personal billboard. Two hand-scrawled personal billboards, actually. “Hot brunette wanted for 2014” read the first. The second narrowed the field down further, specifying that the woman of his 2014 dreams “Must like dogs and landscapers” and be interested in “Dates/Romance.” The gentleman is nothing if not discerning.

“I just needed to do something different in 2014,” the #WaterlooRomeo told the Standard. Something “light-hearted that people might find amusing.” Something that “might bring a smile” to peoples’ faces. Something involving office supplies.

And though not everybody was seduced by the 22×28 DIY personal ad — the Telegraph, not unreasonably, called our hero “a coward with an enormous sense of entitlement” — plenty of hot brunette dog-lovers were game. More than 100 London ladies made a bid for Abrahams’s affections, and at least one of them was hot enough and brunette enough and liked landscaping enough to win a “definite date” with Abrahams on Saturday. Which is good for Abrahams, because he’s not doing this again: “I better bloody end up with someone after this,” he says. And good luck to the nice lady. No pressure or anything.

Image via Twitter