No One Wants to Get Married on Friday the 13th

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_69781558_caketopper_oneWhile some people opt to stay home on Friday the 13th, curled into a ball, hoping their cat won’t bump into a rolling pin, causing a massive chain reaction which ends in the entire house burning down, one couple thought today was the perfect day to get married!

Why not, right? Iain Eakin and Laura Webster from Glasgow say they’re not superstitious, and being huge fans of the horror genre, they’ve embraced the holiday having a Friday the 13th-themed wedding.

Their cake topper features Iain wearing a Jason mask (from Friday the 13th), about to stab Laura in her wedding dress. The tables are themed as different locations from the horror genre including Elm Street, Sorority Row, and The Last House on the Left. And of course, Iain will be walking down the aisle sporting the Jason mask. These two are committed! (Pun intended.)

Want to plan a fun horror-themed wedding of your own? There’s another Friday the 13th coming up this year in December! By the way, Iain and Laura got a 13% discount on their venue for choosing a date nobody else wanted to go near.

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