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Tinder is turning you into a mobile wingman! The dating app is giving its users the opportunity to play matchmaker, with a new ‘share’ icon that is currently being tested. This feature has literally made our dreams come true – with friends having the ability to ‘share’ profiles with each other, all the while getting their swipe on with their favorite matches.

‘While swiping through potential matches, a small group of users may see the option to share a profile they come across. Tapping the ‘share’ icon will allow you to send a temporary link via text to a friend, and give them the ability to swipe on the profile you shared,’ Tinder posted on its blog.

‘The link will expire after five clicks or 72 hours – whichever comes first. Users can choose to opt out of having a sharable profile by visiting Discovery Settings.’

To top it all off, if you swipe on a profile that has been shared with you, you will most likely appear in their recommendations – as long as you meet your potential love interests preferences. The feature will be tested in various markets, differing in appearance and functionality depending on where you are in the world.