Shocking Study Proves Most Men on Online Dating Sites Looking for Love, Not Sex

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Everyone knows the stereotype: girls want love and marriage; guys want sex and more sex. A new report, though, indicates that this may not be true of the online dating landscape. Based on her experience with clients, relationship expert Marni Kinrys claims that 75 percent of men sign up for online dating accounts to find lasting relationships. Meanwhile, she says, women are increasingly looking for hookups that won’t interfere with their professional development.

Now don’t get all excited thinking that sciences has proven that all the men want to be your sweetheart. No studies have yet been conducted to substantiate her claims, but here’s hoping that the there really are 75 percent of men and women that want to fall in love and 25 percent who can just spend a few years sleeping with each other with no strings attached. All we want is for everyone to have what they want.

[h/t CNet]