The Pros and Cons of Being “In a Relationship” on Facebook

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Pro:  You’re in a relationship! Somebody loves you! You (naturally!) want to shout it from the rooftops.

Con: Whether or not you’re in a relationship is no one else’s business, least of all your third cousin’s, your friend from Middle School, and the guy who sits three cubicles down from you.

Pro: Being “Facebook Official” does seem to somehow make the relationship feel a bit more…legit. There’s no more waffling, no more “let’s see where this leads…”, no more open-endedness. You guys are in a relationship and everyone knows.

Con: Neither of you should feel insecure enough about your relationship to need a Facebook status to prove its legitimacy.

Pro: All your exes, past flings, crushes, and frenemies can see the awesome person you’ve ended up with!

Con: All your exes, past flings, crushes, and frenemies can stalk the sh*t out of your poor new significant other.

Pro: According to an article in Business Insider, “Men who listed their partnership status (“In a relationship with…”) … had happier relationships.”   

Con: A Facebook breakup is awkward and oh-so-public.

Pro: You like that there’s an easy way for people to check your relationship status without awkwardly having to ask you about it. It’s a quick, simple way to instantly let everyone know what the deal is.

Con: Anyone who needs to know my relationship status would figure it out from real life.

Some More Thoughts:

“For a while, I thought they were bizarre, show-offy, totally not private. But then when I realized I was in a relationship that was going to last a long time, it’s like, Ron Burgundy. I wanted to shout my love from a mountain, but I didn’t have a mountain, I had a Facebook.” – Chris, 25, Brooklyn

“Not sure if this is a product of everyone (including grandparents) being on Facebook, or ofhaving dated a while, but [Facebook relationships] used to seem a LOT more important.” -@lellenee

“I’ve been dating my fella for over a year & we arent fbookrelationshipped. We both have too many weirdos in our friendlist.” -@lschuldberg

“My gf should be secure enough not to need to broadcast it on fbook.” – Cary, 26, San Francisco

“I sort of regret it, because i don’t think it needs to be on there. But on the other hand, I feel like it clears up confusion with other people who may think you’re single. I’m sort of self conscious about that at work with some male colleagues, so I thought that might help clear things up.” -Katherine, New York
“It invites all your FB into your personal business & that’s weird. Also can be embarrassing unless you’re married (even then).” -@rumblefish416

“I was just excited about it and felt like it’s the first relationship I’ve kinda felt sure about. So, I was excited for people to know, especially friends who knew us both and who would be surprised to see that we had gotten together.”- Sam, 29, New York

“For me it was a passive way to inform my sort of sensitive, Facebook-obsessed friend with benefits (hate that term) that I was with someone so when he got back to New York
from California, I wouldn’t have to say anything.” -Emily, 26, Brooklyn

What do you think? Are Facebook relationships a good idea, or a bad one?