This Beautiful Story of a Long Distance Friendship Via Skype Might Make You Cry

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Meet Sarah and Paige. They’ve been friends since they were eight years old, but had never met. Their mothers connected on an online site for children with disabilities, after both finding out they were pregnant with girls who would be born with only one arm. Years later, the girls reconnected on Skype, with hopes of finding someone with mutual understandings on feelings, emotions, and difficulties.

For eight years, Sarah and Paige have learned from one another. Thanks to Skype, they were able to share how to put hair in a ponytail,  how to paint nails with one hand, even how to shoot a basketball.  They describe themselves as “two needles in a haystack that found each other.”

Watch the girls’ unbelievable story of friendship and witness how they finally met in this heartwarming video.





[h/t Design Taxi]