Timehop REALLY Wants You to Remember Your Last V-Day. (Hope It Was a Good One!)

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Social media nostalgia machine Timehop, which sends you a daily email reminding you what you did a year ago on Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram and Facebook, is feeling a little under the weather today:

I’ve gotten my email 5 times already, as have others, based on a Twitter search. Mine happens to be pretty innocuous: All it contains is a picture I took of some pink balloons stuck on the traffic lights at 3rd & Bowery. (Of course, it’s dark and you can’t even tell they’re pink, so in that sense, I suppose I regret posting the picture. Thanks for the multiple reminders of my sh*tty photography, Timehop. (I swear I’m usually much more judicious with my Instagramming.))

Joking aside, I’m a big fan of Timehop and am not actually bothered by this bug — these things happen. They’ll fix it. But as a dating blogger, I’m well aware that today is the most loaded day of the year for many people — sometimes whether they consciously want it to be or not — and repeated reminders about how great or awful last Valentine’s Day was might not be so welcome.