‘Modern Dating’ in 6 Seconds: We’re Releasing Our Entire Book on Vine

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We love playing with Twitter’s new(ish) six-second video-sharing app, Vine — whether we’re celebrating National High Five Day, showing off our enviable snack cabinet (p.s.: yes, we’re hiring), or asking people who’s on their “freebie five” list.

And since our first book, Modern Dating: A Field Guide, came out last week, we naturally decided — why not Vine the whole book?

So we are, starting now — we’ll be posting a series of six-second videos that bring the book to life, section by section, piece by piece, over the course of the next two weeks. (And it’ll be really fun. We promise.)

Here’s who we’re dedicating the series to:

You can check out the rest of the #BookVines we’ve published so far below, or here (or on Vine, of course! we’re @howaboutwe).

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