Wear This Watch and Save Your Long-Distance Relationship

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Does your significant other live far away and constantly forget that it’s inappropriate to call you at 4 AM when they’re just getting home from the office their time? Do you never know the right time to initiate Skype sex? This problem may have a quick-fix. It’s called a watch. And that’s actually not just a snarky comment.

There’s a new watch from Hong Kong designer Kitmen Keung that displays the time in two different locales (to be determined by the wearer), side-by-side. The designer said that his aesthetic was “inspired by human’s perceptions about contrast and distance. A distance relationship can gradually become a blur in someone’s mind.” In other words, if you’re stumbling drunkenly out of a bar late at night after 3 too many margaritas, thinking, “this is the perfect time to call him/her and re-declare my undying love,” you can look at the watch and immediately know: Calling right now would make me an asshole.

And as a general rule, you could always leave them a message. Drunken voicemails never disappoint.

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