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An unfortunate repercussion of the wondrous world of online dating is the occasional catfish and or meet-and-greet with someone who is about 10-years-older than they let on. It’s sad, but true. Think about it. When you are adding pictures of yourself to your profile, you are (obvi) choosing the best of the best to impress a potential date. For some, these pictures can be very misleading… and this is where dating site Badoo is stepping in to save the day.

Badoo, believe it or not, is the world’s largest dating network site. With this mighty power comes mighty responsibility! In Badoo’s case, this is headlined in the launch of “Selfie Request” a feature that allows users to request a selfie from a match. Don’t freak out no-makeup-swiping-couch-potatoes, the opposing user has the option to deny said request (however in doing so you are pretty much admitting to being a toad).

“Badoo has been around for 10 years, so we have the industry’s deepest insights and experience,” Badoo spokesperson Joey Hadfield told Yahoo Tech. “We are continuously aiming to solve major challenges in the dating space around various issues such as safety and security. We’ve spoken to many women to find out what they really want from a dating platform and the two things that repeatedly surface as top priorities are safety and efficiency.” It seems the selfie request, in Badoo’s opinion, will assist in eradicating these issues. If that isn’t enough, Badoo also has an option for users to request and share their social media accounts.

Not only do these new features help in trusting who you may be speaking to online, they prevent catfishing and the safety of Badoo users. Drum-roll, please – we predict all dating apps adding these features in the next few months.

What do you think? Would you send a selfie to a potential date?