Your Best April Fool’s Dating Pranks: Fake Pregnancies and Cream Cheese

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Happy April 2! Did you pull (or fall for) any good pranks yesterday?

Last week, we told you our best dating-related stories; now, here are a few of yours.

“In college, my roommate and I decided to fool some of our younger girlfriends. We told them, together and while being completely fine with it, that I had fooled around with my roommate’s boyfriend, gotten pregnant and was leaving school to raise the baby. We didn’t let it go for too long when tears started forming. But that didn’t matter, they weren’t exactly happy with us.”

“I had a pregnant friend pee on pregnancy test and when I got to my boyfriends house that night he tried to be funny and say “I think I’m pregnant” so I just looked at him straight faced and said… how did you know? then pulled out the test.
I could only hold a straight face for a little over a minute but it was classic!”

“I told my entire school that I was pregnant. They all believed it, because I kept my stomach pooched out like a pregnant chick. My boyfriend was ecstatic. This is where it all crumbles. My mom freaked out, my brother started driving to my house from six states over to kill my boyfriend, and I couldn’t stop laughing. I had to call my brother to inform him that it was, in fact, April Fools’ Day, my mother had to force herself to quit laughing, and my school was in awe of my awesome prank.”

“I replaced my boyfriend’s deodorant with cream cheese, and it took him forever to get rid of the smell afterwards.”

Can you top these? Tell us your story!