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Canadians have gotten the short end of the hockey stick compared to us American brethren. I’ve had three or four friends go to Montreal and return with girlfriends or stories of how they fell in love just walking down the street. So, I’m here to go on the record and say that I have found myself more and more attracted to Canadians. Maybe it’s my predilection to anything related to hockey, or the accents that are one part southern drawl and one part Mid-West mom, but Canucks just have something about them that makes me weak. So, here are five reasons that I think Canadians are hotter, minus a certain teenage popstar.

1. Universal Healthcare, Duh

Ryan Gosling standing shirtless in Crazy, Stupid, Love

Candians look better because they aren’t afraid to be sick. With the ridiculous onslaught of healthcare debacles in the U.S., the universal healthcare system from The Great White North is looking better and better every day.

2. They’re Really, Really Nice

Colbi Smulders sitting on a bench for Promo picture

And have funny accents. They practically have entire conversations consisting of saying “sore-y” to each other.

3. The Cold Doesn’t Bother Them

Canadian Bobsled Team posing shirtless outside

Canucks are practically breed like sled dogs, with some type of double coat that allows them to be unaffected by the cold. Seriously, come on. (That is the Canadian Olympic Bobsledding Team, by the way, looking pretty comfy without much on.)

4. They Have Pride in Their Nation

Jay Baruchel showing off his maple leaf tattoo

In America, patriotic tattoos are reserved for military personnel and/or people from the south. Famous Canadians enjoy being from Canada.

5. Hockey, in General


Hockey is arguably the most underappreciated professional sport, for reasons unknown. Because it’s freakin’ great. And because hockey players are beautiful and glorious specimens of the human race.