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“Festive FOMO” Is Even Worse Than Normal FOMO, And It’s Making Us All Sick

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Sick Mixed Race Woman Wearing Winter Hat and Gloves Blowing Her Sore Nose with a Tissue in The Snow.

An epidemic of “Festive FOMO” (Fear of Missing Out) is sweeping through the British Isles, according to a new study from the makers of Day & Night Nurse medicine, who want you to know that you definitely don’t need to let cold and flu symptoms get in the way of your holiday plans this year.

Between the Christmas parties and Boxing Day parties and the Great Christmas Pudding Race parties, the cold medicine company reports that the average Brit will rack up more than 12 hours of socializing per week this month — 44 percent more socializing than in a normal month — with many party-goers juggling multiple events per night. The sun never sets on the wild holiday parties of the British Empire.

One in five of the 1,500 UK adults surveyed say they “worry about turning down social events in case they miss out,” confirming that at least one in five UK adults is very annoying to make plans with. A full 43 percent admit to/brag about attending “three events or more in just one evening during the height of the party season,” and — of special interest to the Day & Night Nurse team — 30 percent of Brits refuse to let a cold or flu get in the way of their “social diaries.” That’s great for Day & Night Nurse, less great for the 70 percent of people who are not active public health hazards.

Image via Veer