Man vs. Beast

Ladies Would Rather Talk to Their Dogs Than Their Boyfriends, Apparently

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woman loving her dog

You think you want a relationship with a person? You don’t want a relationship with a person. What you want, says a new survey from Frontline (and as pet flea and tick control experts, I think they would know), is a relationship with a dog.

Apparently, 39 percent of women and 34 percent of men in relationships say they spend more time with their pets than their partners, using that one-on-one muzzle time to chat about this and that: relationship problems, politics, chasing squirrels — the usual. It helps people put their thoughts in order, they say. Also, it helps them to make decisions — according to the Daily Mail’s report, one in five ladies “even admit” to asking their dog or cat for advice. Even admit? Asking your dog questions seems totally reasonable to me. Dogs, in general, give very good advice. “Should I go out tonight?” you say, and the dog says “Woof.” My feelings exactly.