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London ‘Cuddle Workshops’ Teach the Fine Art of Snuggles

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Notoriously reserved Londoners are learning to be warmer, fuzzier, and better at spooning, thanks to a pair of very affectionate cuddle therapists. Because what could possibly be better than gettin’ your snuggle on with a pile of 20 strangers? Nothing, according to hug evangelists Anna Nathan Shekory and Tom Fortes Mayer. Nothing could be better than gettin’ your snuggle on with a pile of 20 strangers. And apparently, they’re onto something, because the Daily Mail reports that their upscale “Cuddle Workshop” has captured the hearts and minds of Brits in need of a little anonymous and non-sexual loving.

Running four hours and £29 a pop, the formal affection lessons include everything from “cuddle wish fulfillment” — a portion of the class where apprentice cuddlers can realize their cuddle fantasies — to “freestyle cuddling,” where everyone heaps together for mass spooning. And while official cuddle camp could seem, at least superficially, designed for “the lonely and affection-starved,” Shekory explains that people come to the workshops for all kinds of reasons. “There are some people who’re single and they want to have physical contact with people in a safe environment where nothing’s expected of them,” she says. Some attendees come from snuggly families and miss the comfort of home. And still others “simply love cuddling and meeting new people.”

So far, the pair — who themselves met at a Language of Love workshop event, because of course they did — have limited their cuddlefests to London, but they have plans to spread the gospel of oxytocin across the UK. “I really hope the workshop can make a difference and help Britain become more cuddly as a nation,” says Shekory. Tender nuzzles for everyone!

Image via Veer