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The First Ever ‘Halal’ Sex Shop for Muslims Opens in Turkey

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Horny Turkish citizens in lackluster marriages can rejoice: the country just opened its first online sex shop for Muslims. Wait, doesn’t that sound funny? Maybe your first connotation when it comes to Islamic nations is a group of pious people who never speak of sex, never mind shop for their goodie drawer. The truth is, sex between a married Muslim man and woman is highly encouraged in Turkey—you just sorta shouldn’t talk about it in public.

38-year-old Haluk Murat Demirel, proprietor of Bayan Helal Sex Shop, got the idea from friends who wanted a safe place to get sex advice and buy sex products without purveying the mainstream sex shops. You know, the porned-out tits-and-ass sites with a feature image of anal beads on the homepage. After all, even vibrators aren’t approved by Islam.

However, the new “halal” shop does include personal lubricants, aphrodisiac chocolates, feminine washes, perfumes, trusty “Spanish fly,” and yes, a cock ring described discretely as a “ring ornament.”

Demirel says his site includes advice on which sexual practices are banned by Islam and which are up for grabs. Since Turkey doesn’t have many physical sex shops, the “halal” shop has grown a huge following since its launch last week, boasting 33,000 visitors on Sunday alone, proof that libidos are pretty much an international phenomenon.

Image via Flickr.