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Yes, Naked Celebrities Posing With Fish Is A Thing

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The UK’s Fishlove campaign aims to raise awareness of the effects of unsustainable fishing practices through the most classic PR tactic of our time: naked celebrities. In this case, naked celebrities posing with huge and sort of horrifying fish.  Every year since 2011, Fishlove has enlisted a star photographer to capture celebrities like Gillian Anderson, Lizzy Jagger, Jerry Hall, Sir Ben Kingsley, Terry Gilliam, and Melanie Laurent embracing the bounty of the sea, flesh to scaly flesh. Take that, PETA!

The pictures are alternately gorgeous, unsettling, and hilarious. You can help fight overfishing by purchasing a print, because nothing completes the décor of a living room like a photograph of Mick Jagger’s daughter riding a yellowfin tuna in the nude hanging over the sofa.