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Young Couples Spend More On Their Dogs Than Their Kids Because Social Media

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puppy in a wagon

Young parents are 30 percent more likely to spend money on Christmas presents for their pets than Christmas presents for their kids, according to a new Google survey sponsored by the owner of the illustrious (“Everything You Want to Know About Shih Tzu All in One Place!”). Or maybe young parents are 30 percent more likely to favor their pets than parents over 34. It’s not really clear — Mr. ShihTzuWeb is no statistician. He is a dog e-commerce giant, though, and according to him, young parents are spending their spare cash on biscuits, not baby toys.

In his analysis, that’s because of social media: parents aged 25-34 understand that all their young, hip friends have blocked their adorable offspring from their newsfeeds. As everyone with a Facebook account knows, the path to “likes” is paved with dog sweaters, dog raincoats, and dog bow ties. Parents over 34 don’t get it. Nobody on Instagram wants to see some kid play with brand-new Legos. The public has spoken, and the public wants pictures of fluffy mammals in tiny booties. And those booties don’t come cheap, which is logical, really — you do get four of them.

Image via Veer