British Diver Tom Daley Confirms He’s in a Relationship with a Man in This Heartfelt Video

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Since becoming the darling of the 2012 Summer Olympics, rumors around British diver Tom Daley’s sexual orientation exploded, most likely thanks to the gay community embracing Daley as something of a sex symbol after he displayed exactly how to rock a Speedo. Everyone seemed to objectively believe that Tom was gay (probably thanks to his cheeky comments and scantily clad Instagram seflies) but for the past two years he’s been admittedly vague when responding to interview questions regarding his love life.

This morning, he set the record straight, as it were, by confirming he’s been seriously dating a guy since the spring. “I met someone and they make me feel so happy and so safe and everything feels great. And that someone is a guy.” Tom also made quick mention that he hasn’t lost his love for the ladies either, “Of course, I still fancy girls.” But right now, his happiness is the hands of his boyfriend.

Speaking of those Speedos, Merry Christmas Everyone!