DateCam #3: Watch Malia and Andrew on a LIVESTREAMED Blind Date, TONIGHT at 8 p.m.

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Last week, we continued our DateCam experiment with fascinating results! We sent two NYC singles, Keith and Mary, on a blind date — and livestreamed the whole thing. We had a blast watching and chatting along with other anonymous voyeurs in real-time — and the couple seemed to have fun too. (Read their reactions here.)

So… we’re doing it again! Tonight (8/1) @ 8 p.m. ET, two more singles are going on a blind date, and we’re livestreaming it right here.

Meet the Daters: Malia, 22

My life history in 5 sentences or fewer:
I grew up in the South, and it’s been fun and definitely crazy. I went to a high school for creative writing and in college I was the editor-in-chief of the student magazine. I love traveling, eating in awesome cheap restaurants, writing, photography and all things Tina Fey.

Your ideal Sunday: I like waking up around 10 and going to the park or a coffee shop to people-watch. There’s a great breakfast place near my apartment at home with a dish called Hangover Hashies—delicious. Perfect Sunday meal. I don’t like major obligations on a Sunday (that’s why it’s called “Lazy Sunday,” right?).

Obscure knowledge I possess: Pun mastery.

I have a weakness for guys who: Are witty and who are independent, open-minded and motivated. It doesn’t hurt if you’re in the food industry either.


Meet the Daters: Andrew, 24

My life history in 5 sentences or fewer: I am a hippie punk capitalist (I can explain later) originally from Santa Monica, CA, though I am working hard to be accepted as a true New Yorker. I graduated from NYU in 09 and I studied Politics, Economics and Energy. I was super into politics when I graduated, but now its just a waste of energy in my mind. Energy is my jam right now, as it involves the big picture geopolitical realities of our world (but I promise not to bore you with that too much). Apart from that, I live to travel (36,000 miles last year), party with my friends, get my heart broken by beautiful women (I fall in love quite easily), and love each and every moment of my youth.

Your ideal Sunday:
Wake up late and roll around for an hour. Play back all the sweet sh*t I did the night before. Make myself like 3 cups of coffee and grab a cigarette, all while enjoying the morning sun and blasting some record. Then I get on the horn and see what my friends might be up to. “Ideally” they are preparing for a day at the park or beach with such staple activities like tossing a football, tossing back some adult beverages, and generally pretending that we don’t have work the next day. A big communal dinner will ideally close out the night, and I’ll head home to fall asleep to some mindless comedy or an old classic.

Obscure knowledge I possess:
I know a little about just about everything. I can talk to anyone about anything and always find something that really interests me to learn more about. I can’t really think of what the most obscure thing is, but one I find gets the most reaction, especially in New York, is my knowledge of what it’s like to live on a farm and generally what life is like in the “country” (most of my family is from Wyoming and my grandfather raised cattle and grew corn).

I have a weakness for girls who:
Are funnier than me but still think I’m funny. Girls who have beautiful soft eyes that match their cute smile. Freckles. Most importantly, girls that have a healthy and powerful understanding of what love is and aren’t afraid to feel it. And having a humble self-confidence. Oh ya, and girls who have natural colored hair (seems like a rarity these days), all colors welcome, and the thicker the better.

The Venue

Andrew and Malia will be meeting at Common Ground, a cozy bar with the comfort of a lounge and the friendly neighborhood atmosphere of a pub.

As always, we’re picking up the tab, but Andrew and Malia are not being compensated (financially or otherwise). Their only reward? A shot at love.

So tune in tonight, right here at 8 p.m. to watch and chat along with us!

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