DateCam #3 Recap: The Couple Gets Iced

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On Monday night, we held our third DateCam, in which we sent a couple of brave New Yorkers, Andrew and Malia (or “Drewlia” as they were dubbed), on a blind date — and livestreamed the whole thing. The chat room was insane this week and the group got more interactive than ever before.

We sent the daters shots, conversation topics, and Jenga — and one of their nutso friends ran in and “iced” them. There were, apparently, at least two viewing parties happening in the city and the viewers were full of opinions.

Here were some of the highlights.

After some perfunctory chit-chat, Andrew deepened the conversation when he asked Malia what her dream job would be, and she seemed to open up. Dating expert Kira Sabin was on hand to give Andrew a virtual high-five for his efforts.

Body language was a hot topic throughout the date. At first, Andrew seemed to be keeping his distance and Malia seemed to be showing more interest, physically…

… though, Andrew was largely credited for keeping the conversation going.

45 minutes in, Andrew revealed his love for the seminal jam band Phish, prompting an excellent topic for an upcoming blog post — “When Should You Reveal Your Love of Phish On A Date?”

Then came the most epic event in DateCam’s short history: the couple got “iced” by two friend’s of Andrew’s who had been watching the whole event from a nearby apartment. Defying tradition, #Drewlia chose to sip their Smirnoff Ices rather than chug.

The alcohol did its job, however, and the ice was broken, so to speak. When Andrew got up for a cigarette break, he touched Malia’s hair on the way out.

During our first ever “mid-date interviews” Malia revealed that the chances of a second date were about 50/50, though Andrew was completely willing.

Though the two seemed to be getting along, we hadn’t observed any tell-tale signs of interest from Malia until — with 15 minutes left of the date, she touched Andrew’s elbow and the chatroom exploded.

By the end of the date, the average viewer rating concerning the couple’s chemistry was a 5 out of 10.

Here’s what “Drewlia” had to say after it was all over:



What were your first impressions of Malia?
I thought she was really nice, and I could tell that she’s really funny. The fact that she was even interested in doing this, and able to have so much fun in the process, was really cute and cool, and I’m a big Malia fan now. If we didn’t have so many interruptions (getting iced, drunk Jenga, the guy who told me to “relax”), I would have loved to get more stories out of her. Guess we’ll save it til the next time we go drinking with an online audience.

How was DateCam different from other dates? (i.e. How did the camera affect the date?)
It was different than other dates because we both were well aware that if we said something stupid or awkward we would be saying it for all the viewers (mostly close friends) to hear. It was actually kind of nice in that way though, because we both had such an understandable excuse to be awkward. What was funny, was that after awhile, I at least forgot we were being filmed and actually felt like I was on a real date. But then I would remember randomly and get really thrown off. Overall, I wouldn’t want every date to be filmed, but I’m happy I got to cross it off my bucket list.

If the date were an historical period which would it be and why?
The 60’s. We shared an intimate moment with hundreds of strangers. And with the chatroom interaction with us (getting iced, etc), it was essentially a date with hundreds of people. Super communal and hippie. Good vibes man.



What were your first impressions of Andrew?
Andrew was a lot like he described in his profile—he was nice and funny and had a lot to talk about, which is always nice. I was worried I’d have to deal with a lot of awkward silence, but I didn’t.

How was DateCam different from other dates? (i.e. How did the camera affect the date?)
Datecam was fun. I liked getting requests from the chat room and random challenges. On a normal date, it’s just a free for all. It was sort of hard to choose whether I was supposed to ignore the camera or talk to it. I wanted to talk to it but felt like I was defeating the purpose of showing a normal blind date, and it was a little nerve-wracking knowing your every decision was being critiqued. So, I definitely think it would have been cool to just go ahead and make it more Real World-esque since it’s already not the most natural of situations. The confessional bathroom break went over really well with my friends; they wanted a list of questions for us to answer during the break.

If the date were an historical period which would it be and why?
1800s England, clearly. This was so Darcy and Elizabeth. #darliz, sorry, #drewlia


So, what’s the word on a second date? Despite the audience’s shabby rating of Drewlia’s chemistry, the two did exchange numbers.

Thanks so much to Andrew and Malia for appearing on the DateCam and to Common Ground for providing a great atmosphere, drunk Jenga and delicious quesadillas.

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