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Hanging Onto Your Old Underwear Isn’t Gross, It’s Practical

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A survey floating around the KPNX news station reports men hang onto their tighty whities for an average of seven years. Most men, according to KPNX, keep their underwear until it’s worn down, raggedy, has holes, is falling apart, but still technically holding everything together.

The survey seemingly attempts to shame men for their underwear-hoarding habits, which, yes, objectively sound kinda gross. But hanging onto your underwear for as long as it functions, prevents chafing, and keeps it all in there seems pretty practical to me. Underwear, being underwear and all, should be more about function than form. It doesn’t need to be on-trend or regularly updated because again, it’s underwear. Plus it’s a nonperishable item, so it doesn’t have an expiration date! I’m not even sure how long you’re “supposed” to keep a pair of underwear, but as long as you’re regularly washing them (seriously — seven-year-old underwear is only acceptable if everything’s properly laundered), does it even matter? As long as the elastic holds up and the fabric holds true, I’ll be keeping that pair in circulation — just not when I think someone else is going to see it.

[h/t Huffington Post]