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Feeling Artistic? 10 Dates to Impress A Banksy Wannabe

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To celebrate HowAboutWe’s 1-year anniversary (and 100,000 dates posted on the site!), this month we’re rounding up our all-time favorite HowAboutWe dates posted by you, the users.

First up: Our favorite artistic dates — some more legally-sanctioned than others.

(Have a suggestion for a theme — anything from dates that will impress a bacon lover to dates that will woo a neat freak? Let us know in the comments!)

1. Feeling sketchy?


2. Feeling ambitious?


3. Feeling hot, hot, hot


4. Sometimes, it’s good to be bad.


4. Blindfolds on the first date? …OK.


6. Do pass go, do collect $200


7. …and then get a hot dog?


8. Duck duck duck…swan?


9. …and a gold star.


10. Followed by a nap.


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