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How About You Have Dessert For Dinner

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A good date usually ends with dessert – why not cut to the chase and start there instead? Serendipity 3 may be filled with kitschy decor and tourists, but it’s also home to the famous (and enormous) “frrrozen” hot chocolate, so good even Jackie O begged for the recipe. If their signature fare doesn’t suit your fancy, the exhaustive menu lists a number of deliciously overwhelming desserts. You might opt to impress your date by ordering the $1,000 dollar Golden Opulence Sundae, made with Tahitian vanilla ice cream, edible 23 karat gold, and cocoa beans harvested from Venezuela’s coast.

If blowing an entire month’s rent on a sweet tooth isn’t your style, the regular Drugstore Sundaes don’t make a bad runners-up. These crater-sized bowls of ice cream aren’t dessert, they are meals in and of themselves, and best of all, designed to share. What’s a better excuse than molten ribbons of fudge to scootch closer to your date?

Serendipity 3
225 E. 60th St., New York, NY 10022 near Third Ave.