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NYC Poll: Do You Date Outside Your Borough?

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[Editor’s Note: Check out today’s Wall Street Journal article about the pros and cons of inter-borough dating. The below post originally ran on June 14, but it’s not to late to take the survey below and add your thoughts].

Here’s the thing about this city: the days of West Side Story might be long-gone, but most New Yorkers still stick to their territories, making inter-borough dating a legitimate issue.

For some, it’s a deal-breaker: Leisure time’s already sparse — no relationship is worth that much commuting. It’s logistically annoying and one simple question comes to carry so much weight: My place or yours?

On the flip-side, dating someone outside your ‘hood means experiencing a new part of the city as your own. It’s two go-to cafes, two favorite take-out Thai restaurants, two different bodegas — and twice the chance the nearest train is convenient to one of your places.

Tell us: Would you ever date someone “geographically undesirable?” Or does love know no bounds, not even the MTA?