14 Romantic Things to Do This Spring That Are Totally Free

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1. Suggest you both call in sick for the first warm day and bring a blanket to the park. Kids will be at school and everyone else will be at the office. Proceed to get handsy.

bobs burgers ass is grass

2. You’ve been sleeping together “casually” all winter. Start calling them your “boyfriend” or “girlfriend,” the title will mean a lot.

the office darrel date me

3. Test drive a convertible, insist on putting the top down.

cruel intentions car

4. Brewery and winery tours are often free and not crowded yet.

drinking buddies

5. Take a hike to the highest vista in your city and get a little frisky.

parks and rec hike

6. On a stormy night, turn off all the electronics, lay down and listen to the rain together.

rain on a window

7. Cherry Blossom festivals are popping up all over. In the Czech Republic it’s good luck for a girl to be kissed under the pink trees on May 1st.

cherry blossom kiss

8. Sleep naked.

go to bed naked

9. Visit an observatory and use cheesy pickup lines and compliments such as, “Your love is like the Big Bang and I want to inhabit your multiverse.”

big bang poptart cat

10. Beaches are empty and clean right now, take advantage of that and get weird together.

beach Moonrise dance

11. Make-out everywhere, because you just don’t give a fuck.


12. Real world scavenger hunt using Geocaching or other treasure finding app.

treasure hunt goonies

13. Watch Game of Thrones season 4. Where there’s a will there’s a way, but for legal reasons I can’t tell you how to view the series for free, that’s on you kiddos.

got dragon

14. Pump up your guy or gal’s bike tires, tune the spokes, and realign their breaks. Puns intended.

bike butts