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New Study Says 94% of Single New Yorkers Are Looking for a Long-Term Relationship

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Yesterday, released the results of a study of the dating habits of New Yorkers. Among the most promising findings: 94% of single New Yorkers polled would like to settle down and find a long-term relationship in the city. (Might we suggest you try

Most of the study focused on issues that are of particular importance to New Yorkers, like dating outside your borough, or who pays for dates (it’s an expensive city!) — topics that we also visit frequently. Let’s take a look at their findings, and see how they compare to ours.

On Splitting the Bill: users say: 57% of women are willing to split the bill on the first date. users say: Only 7% of New York women expect men to pay for all dates.

Offering to pay is always chivalrous, but most women fully expect to contribute financially to a relationship.

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On Dating Outside Your Borough:

Match users say: 94% will date outside their borough.
HowAboutWe users say: 88% of females and 90% of males will date outside their borough. We found that Brooklynites were the least willing to travel. (See the full results here.)

Below is a breakdown of peoples’ willingness to date someone in a borough outside of their own, according to our results:

On the Best Neighborhood for a Date: users say: 44% say the West Village is the best neighborhood for a date. users: the West Village is the 4th most popular spot for a first date; East Village is first.

Another interesting difference to note: Times Square is the 6th most popular spot for a HowAboutWe date, whereas most users said they wouldn’t want to go on a date there. Which, if you think about it, makes total sense: On HowAboutWe, the first step to connecting with someone is posting a specific date; we know that many people like to delve into their “bucket lists” for their date ideas, and that playing tourist is a popular theme. But on, you’re messaging with a person for a while before you agree to go out on a date. You’re probably not going to be bold enough to propose a somewhat wacky date idea for your first date; you’re going to stick with a safe choice. Like meeting for coffee.

Here’s our map of the most popular HowAboutWe date spots:

What and HowAboutWe Users Agree On:

If you’re in NYC and not, say, the ‘burbs, there’s no reason to go to a chain restaurant on a first date.

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