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Date Like A Celebrity: What You Can Learn From ScarJo’s Burlesque Night With Kieran Culkin

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Celebrities! They’re just like us. They breathe air. They ride in helicopters. They court each other. Even if you don’t have US Weekly double checking your every move, you can still learn something from how the A-list dates. So let’s see what we can learn from one recent Hollywood fling to ensure you’re spotted canoodling before you know it.

Who: Scarlett Johansson and Kieran Culkin

The Date: How about we… slowly build-up the sex appeal, starting with a moonlit stroll, rolling into a nice, wine-infused meal, and then finishing with an all out-there burlesque show

The Details: How do you get your sexy back post nude-photo scandal? How do you rebound from a man with a Fidel Castro obsession? If you’re the one and only Scarlett Johansson, you head to the most romantic place on the planet and take in a steamy burlesque show with an old-favorite from your dating roster. ScarJo stepped out with Kieran Culkin in Paris doing all sorts of romantical things (though they’re still pulling we’re the “we’re just friends” garbage) like eating pizza and walking while waxing poetic about about Tom Waits Tom Waits songs and finally taking in a show at the erotic burlesque venue, Crazy Horse (and what’s sexier than a club named after the war leader of the Oglala Lakota?).

Make It Work for You: You don’t have to be one of the most lusted after folks on the planet or a Culkin to have a gently sexy night out. Planning your date in multiple steps keeps the fun-time suspense building (and keeps you from awkwardly standing in the street saying, “What should we do now?”). Taking in a burlesque show puts you in the mood without forcing you to wonder if that stripper you tipped does have a heart of gold or student loans to pay off. It’s just enough sexy that you can laugh your way through (and into bed to). No burlesque options in your hood? Build up to an evening of dancing with so and get sexy yourself.

A-List Attire: Just because you’re doing super sexy things doesn’t mean you have to dress like Jessica Rabbit. ScarJo kept it casual and worked her hipster cred not only by dating a Culkin (though Mila Kunis did it first) but also by working some statement glasses and a caz dress/boots combo. Meanwhile Kieran followed the golden rule of male dressing — keep it simple, lest you look like a tool. Why did he dress like he just left a long day at the office? Who knows? But it works! Women loves dudes that look like they have jobs!

Hollywood Dialogue: The key here is to keep it light and filled with double entendres. Flirt like you’re in a slightly perverted romantic comedy. ScarJo and Igby Kieran probably were gabbing like this.

“Wow that girl really knows how to bend. Are you the flexible?”
“Please, you’ve seen the vast range of roles I’ve played.”
“Yeah, me too, I really stretched myself to play Mac’s brother twice, which means in burlesque I could probably put my arm behind my head.”
“You know who else can put his arm behind his head? Fidel Castro! Sean was always taking about his progress with yoga.”
“Yeah, let’s never talk about that again. Focus on the tatas.”

Or something of that nature, just give it a try. If ScarJo gave up after Scoop we wouldn’t have Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona. Consider your dating life the Woody Allen oeuvre – you’ve probably had enough good ones to equal out the atrocities.