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NYC: How About We… Dress Up As Mythical Creatures and Party With Ancient Gods!

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If the rise of the sci-fi, fantasy, superhero and horror genres in mainstream pop culture has taught us anything, it’s this — everyone is at least a little nerdy.

Halloween (or “Amateur Night, “ as true geeks call it) is the one time of year when everyone can safely dress up as their favorite person-or-thing-that-doesn’t-exist without fear of reproach (or chainmail wedgies). How about taking it one step further this year by dressing as your favorite creature from ancient mythology at “The Dark Underworld,” on Sunday October 30th at La Caverna?

Half Bacchanalian dance party, half game of “Who Would Win in a Fight?”, “The Dark Underworld” promises an epic battle between Phoenix, Ladon, The Black Angel, Medusa, Pegasus and Gargoyle (vote here!) and “Phoenix Entertainment will be awakening the ancient Gods with interactive Cirque performances and solo acts.”

The event is brought to you by Social Exposure Media and Nick McGlynn and sponsored, appropriately, by Medea Vodka, so there’ll plenty of social lubricant to go around and DJ Heather M will keep the freshest beats bumpin’ til the end of the world (or the break of dawn — whichever comes first).

Find a date here, RSVP here and start working on your two person Centaur costume. Happy Nerd-o-ween!