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The McRib is Back! (But You’re Better Than That)

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As much as you don’t want to care about it, you do. Fast food enthusiasts all across the country today can smell the (whatever horrible chemical McDonald’s uses to make it smell and taste sort of like BBQ) in the air — the McRib is back. BUT WHO KNOWS FOR HOW LONG?

For those of you putting on your coat and hat to head down to the nearest Mickey D’s, let me remind you of one thing — You’re better than that. As strangely tasty as the McRib may be for the undisclosed LIMITED TIME it’s available, you know it’s actually gross and you know you’re being manipulated.

So, how about we… stand up for ourselves, grab a date and go out for a more delicious, respectable rib sandwich — the kind that’s been somewhere near a non-genetically-mutated animal and doesn’t have to create the illusion of scarcity to get you to eat it? Hmm?

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…then google “best rib sandwich in [your area]” and you’re on your way.