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The 25th Hour Date: 6 Ideas for this Weekend’s Extra-Long Saturday Night

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Most Saturday nights have around eight hours of viable dating time, more if things go really well and you go home with one another. The time frames usually look something like this, depending on what your date activity is:

7:00 pm: Early drinks.
8:00 pm: Dinner reservations / curtain time for plays and operas
9:00 pm: Late dinner reservations / nicer drinks / movie showtime
10:00 pm: Early round of post-dinner drinks / concert start time / party start time
11:00 pm: Post-theater or opera dinner / Post-movie drinks / fashionably late party arrivals
12:00 am: Diners head home / partiers continue to drink / midnight movie showings start
1:00 am: Head home / to second bar / to club. (Concert goers head to first bar.)
2:00 am: Party eases up / midnight showing ends
3:00 am: Hardcore partiers stay out or head to after-hours bar. Everyone else: home.

Sure, some people stay out later, some people go home earlier, and some date night agendas are entirely different. But for the most part, the timeline for Saturday Night Dates across the country is the same.

But not this Saturday.

This weekend, when the bell tolls 2 am (come on, somewhere in America an actual bell has to toll, right?) on Saturday night, the clocks will turn back, and it will be 1 am again. And then we have a whole other hour to fill: a twenty-fifth hour.

2:00 am is the time when it’s perfectly reasonable to yawn and look at your watch and look at your date and wonder if things are going to start winding down soon and if you should go get the car and will you go home together or should you just call it a night because your shoes are starting to pinch and alcohol has made you sleepy.

1:00 am, on the other hand, is early, and you’re not as young as you were but you’re not dead yet, and it’s Saturday Night and a lot of things can still happen between now and when it’s time to go home, so you can order another round or go to a different bar or try and find food or just take a walk or a drive or do anything besides going home.

The difference between 2:00 am and 1:00 am is vital. And listen to me: when 1:00 am rolls around for the second time this Saturday night you are not, I repeat, you are not, going to go home. Even if you know it’s only Daylight Savings time. It’s 1:00 am (again) and the night is still young.

So what should you do with that 25th hour? Make a date of it, of course.

Some ideas:

How about we… go to a midnight showing. (When it gets out, it’ll be as if you’ve only seen an hour long movie. And it’s definitely still early enough to go to dinner.)

How about we… go to a cheap bar and see how many drinks we can squeeze out of $25.

How about we… be someone else for the 25th hour and go somewhere completely out of character: a fancy club? A casino? A dive bar? A rave? Anything out of character.

How about we… play (harmless) pranks on people. It’s the 25th hour — anything goes!

How about we… go out for a second dinner. (Calories don’t count in the 25th hour.)

How about we… try to recreate the previous hour exactly: order the same drinks, talk about the same things, listen to the same music. (See if you get tripped up or if you remember everything!)

Tell us, how will you be spending your extra hour this weekend?