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Date Like A Celebrity: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Go to the Dogs

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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are an interesting little pair of lovebirds. They’ve both have A-list exs (Leonardo Dicaprio and Scarlett Johansson don’t exactly let the new partner rest on their laurels). However, these cats have reportedly seen each other before. And so now that they’re back in business, they can do all sorts of romantic things — like walk their dogs, and walk their dogs some more, and ride the Acela train. Va-va-voom, right?

The Celebs: Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

Their Epic Date: OK, so perhaps epic isn’t exactly the right word. Riding an Acela train isn’t particularly grandiose. Nor is strolling with your prized pooches. But that’s the beauty of it — a good date doesn’t always require lots of cock-a-maney activities or expensive delights. It just needs nice conversation and perhaps something precious to occasionally divert to if things get tense (“Your dog is adorable.” “No, your dog is more adorable.”). Sure it helps that they’re excruciatingly attractive, but you can work with what you have.

At-Home Version: “How about we… take our pets for a walk, or go watch other people do just that at the dog park.”

How to Make the Magic Happen: While part of you says, “let me go out and adopt a pet and land that chick from Gossip Girl,” don’t listen. Your commitment to that pooch will last more longer than Gossip Girl has (and that’s already been way to f’n long). If you don’t have your own mongrel to make your way around town with, take your date to the dog park. Grab a cup of coffee and make funny voices for the canines, judge the dog owners, relish in the good weather while it exists.

A-List Attire: Obviously, since you’re going to a place where dogs go to the bathroom sans judgement, keep it casual. However even when Blake Lively is catching a cab she looks pretty perfectly polished, so keep that in mind. Dudes, work on your abs.

Hollywood Dialogue: You could talk about your dog’s behavior, organic pooch food, or as mentioned earlier you could put your imaginations to work pondering what the dogs and their humans are up to. Or you could start there and then wander into whatever casual getting to know you conversation seems appropriate.

It’s that simple. As it turns out, sometimes celebrities go on dates that are really just walking — even people that used to date Blake Lively herself do it (maybe she got him in the habit). Take it to the streets young lovers! Walk around and look at dogs. They’re man’s best friends after all.