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Date Like A Celebrity: What You Can Learn from Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield’s Cookie Party

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The dude’s British and the new Spiderman, he already has a couple of pluses on his side, but Andrew Garfield’s not sleep walking through his relationship with America’s much more promising Lindsay Lohan replacement Emma Stone. He’s making it work. Holding her hand in public. Showing up at Saturday Night Live. And making a trip to the market romantically.

The Celebs: Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Their Epic Date: Er, alright, this wasn’t that exceptional epic, but that’s why it’s amazing. The superhero couple just went to Chelsea Market and bought a tin of cookies. In my mind they just ate the tin of cookies around the corner on the High Line, whilst laughing about how rich they were, but who knows? They could have brought them to someone, or spaced out the snackrels over time.

At-Home Version: “How about we. . . spoil our appetites with a really great dessert.”

How to Make the Magic Happen: Skip the high-pressure dinner business and head straight for the sweets. It’s a great way to get off on an easy-going foot for a first date, or it’s a sweet way to keep it fresh once you’ve been going out a while. Find the place with signature hot chocolate, perfect cupcakes, incredible gelato, and invite your non-diabetic love interest.

A-List Attire: It’s winter, so wool up. And trick your date into thinking you’ll be forever young by wearing a faux varsity jacket. You’ll feel like two innocent high school kids eating ice cream, until you feel like two tawdry high school kids necking.

Hollywood Dialogue: The way to keep this from feeling like snack time at the kindergarten is to keep it intimate. Even Emma was aware that this could be a real snoozer if she didn’t keep it fresh — literally fresh, as she “was rubbing his back while ordering.” OK, maybe not super fresh, but a little hand-holding while walking with your cones, or gentle touching proves you aren’t their just for the cake and such.

And that’s it. You don’t have to be one of the top desirable gingies in the U.S.A. or a charming Brit with gorgeous eyebrows to have a great time — just a desire to eat in a way that would shame your parents.