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5 Ingredients for the Perfect New York Date

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In New York, they have a saying: “If you can date someone here, you can date someone anywhere.” Or something like that. We ran the dates you’re posting in NYC through a word-cloud generator to see what’s it really means to Date like a New Yorker.

Turns out, New York daters are a practical group: they’re time- and budget-conscious, and tend not to over-think things. But that doesn’t mean they’re boring: they want their dates to be educational and novel.

Here are the keys to a great idea in New York City:

1. Get your geek on.

New Yorkers are smart, savvy and always looking to expand their horizons. Dates such as “How about we try geocaching” or “How about we take a molecular gastronomy class” are funky, different and offer a great way to get to know someone new.

2. Try something new.

New experiences inspire individuals and bond pairs and groups. This doesn’t mean you have to go big and cross something off your bucket list. Even trying a new restaurant — or ordering something new at a tried and true favorite — counts.

Having a novel experience can also make you feel positive about a first date. Expanding your horizons is a good thing. And if the date went well, it’s an even bigger win.

3. Don’t over-think things.

New Yorkers are busy and know that time is valuable. They want their first dates to be casual, informal and fun. For many, an ideal first date is under an hour — enough time to get to know someone but not too much time where the date can drag on and on. And everyone can find a free hour here or there.

4. Keep it Low Cost.

New Yorkers are masters of the cheap, but not cheapskater, date. Part of it’s necessity; part of it’s common sense — keep the pressure low and the fun high. The city has a lot to take advantage of, including free events, pay-what-you-wish hours, and plenty of open bars.

And dates at free, public locations — see the Highline, Central Park, exploring a new block — get some of the most responses.

5.Take in Some Culture.

Some people dismiss dinner and a movie or touristy museum dates as cliched, but New Yorkers say otherwise. There are so many amazing museum exhibits, independent films and local art to take in, we’d be remiss not to take advantage of it. A film or museum tour is just ingredient of a great date — one that also involves interesting conversation before and after.

You’ve got the how, now check out where to date in NYC.