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Great Movie Date This Weekend: Man On a Ledge

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Date movies are tricky. In 2007 when I saw that stupid preview for Transformers, I turned to my best friend and said, “I’d like to announce now that I will never see that stupid movie. Months later, I found myself seeing that stupid movie. (Seated next to a really cute Born Again Christian who was living in my building. Oh, the things we will do for a little love.)

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This weekend, though, I kind of want to see Man on a Ledge. It’s about an ex-cop wrongfully accused of stealing a $40 million diamond who tries to clear his name by threatening to jump from the ledge of a New York City skyscraper and causing this whole hullabaloo.

I think my boyfriend will like it because there’s lots of screaming and intensity and a smart, nail-biting plot, and I think I will like it because it seems really character-y and dramatic. And there are no stupid Transformers in it, thank God.

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Plus, there’s a LivingSocial deal going on right now where you can get 2 tickets for $12, which is sort of amazing, and will allow you to splurge on a large popcorn, which can feed a small town for four days. Click here to post it as a date idea.

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