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4 Great Second-Dat​e Spots in LA

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Yes! You found someone you liked, had a casual first happy hour drinking date, and you decided you had enough fun that you want to take it to date number two. That means you like her. That means you want to impress her. And that is why date number two is so important.

Dinner is a great idea, but where? If you’re in LA, check out these awesome date restaurants that will help turn date number two into date number three.

Luna Park

Luna Park serves the best Mac’n’cheese in the city. Period. They’ve also got a menu full of carbey, cheesey, meaty comfort foods beautifully served in lively yet cozy atmosphere. All of this and a killer bar featuring fresh juices and skilled mixers? Yes, please.

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The Penthouse

Sitting on the 18th floor of the Huntley, the Penthouse could serve streetcar hotdogs and we’d still recommend it for the 360-degree views of Los Angeles. Thankfully, they don’t; The views and service afforded by the Huntley are matched by the high-end New American cuisine. If you can resist the draw of a Pacific sunset (of if you find yourself waking up at the Huntley), nothing goes quite as well with brunch as these views of Malibu.

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Upstairs 2

“Upstairs” in the case of Upstairs 2 is an extremely important qualifier. Upstairs 2, you see, sits above The Wine House. The menu features heirloom beets, lobster, Moroccan chicken and countless more items broken down not by type, but by which wine they pair best with. Fun if you know wine, fun if you don’t know wine. Go with an open mind and an empty stomach.

The Park Restaurant

The Park has been described as “Hipster American” and that’s pretty spot on. Whether you were into hipster food before it was cool or not, the Park is a relaxing casual place to grab some seriously fresh food in the heart of Echo Park. No pressure, no pretense. Hint: Take the tips you learned at Upstairs 2 and bring your own bottle. No corkage fee!

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