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And The 25 Best Date Ideas of 2010 Are…

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best date ideas 2010

Now that 2010 is about to be a thing of the past, we decided to take a retrospective look at the 25 Best Dates of 2010. And by “best,” we mean one thing: most successful.

The 25 date ideas below are the ones that received the most responses from others in the HowAboutWe community. Some of them came from our bank of awesome Date Ideas, others are 100% HowAboutWe originals.

Either way, these are the ideas that got people sending messages, clicking “I’m intrigued” and getting together in the real world. They’re the kind of dates you actually want to have.

After all, that’s why we created HowAboutWe — to help people actually go on dates.

The 25 Best Date Ideas of 2010

How about we…

25) … drink some beer — and see how it is made — at the Brooklyn Brewery.
24) … drink some cocktails and then go see Step Up 3D. If our ancestors saw people dance fighting in 3D their heads would implode. This moment in time warrants celebration. Make sure you’ve seen the earlier installments in the series. I don’t want to have to explain the whole backstory during the first dance-off.
23) … have lobster rolls at the Red Hook Lobster Pound.
22) … find some shade in Central Park and share stories over wine in classy plastic cups.
21) … grab some noodles then play video games at the Chinatown arcade.
20) … beat the lines and play early morning tennis in Hudson River Park.
19) … enjoy the sharing plate at Max Brenner’s choclate shop.
18) … have the best Paella in the world (outside of Spain of course)! I am serious….this place is amazing!
17) … get a few beers and then play Truth or Dare.
16) … take an adventure to Brighton Beach and have a boozy dinner at a Russian restaurant on the boardwalk.
15) … walk around in Central Park and toss around the Frisbee.
14) … explore the foods of Greenwhich Village on a Walking Food Tour.
13) … grab a drink in Red Hook before the weather gets too cold and check out some of the local stores and galleries.
12) … indulge in decadent barbeque and top-shelf bourbon tasting?
11) … meet at a thrift store and buy ridiculous clothes to wear to a bar?
10) … check out the galleries in the Lower East Side that are doing exhibits re-imagining Richard Price’s Lush Life?
9) … get manicures. I’ve never done this am morbidly curious and could use guidance.
8) … go to the driving range at Chelsea Piers and grab a drink afterwards.
7) … go for a walk sit in Union Square and watch people.
6) … get Mercadito’s orange-hinted margaritas and coca cola braised pork carnitas tacos.
5) … get a wake-up coffee at V Bar then a wake-up cocktail at Esperanto.
4) … head to Freeman’s at the back of Freeman Alley — the coolest joint in the LES — for the world’s best artichoke dip and some old-school killer cocktails.
3) … have dinner at an underground supper club led by a secret famous chef.
2) … go to the Fat Cat and listen to some live Jazz while we swat at ping pong balls.
1) … have a beer and play ping pong at the Standard Hotel’s outdoor beer garden.

So, what do you think? Which are your favorites, and which dates would you never be interested in going on?

We didn’t stop here! We took this list to the next step, ran it through a word-cloud generator and picked out the top 5 lessons we can use to be a better date in 2011 (hint: dry dates don’t usually work out). Check it out.

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